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Eco-Friendly Beachwear

You know it's possible to look sexy and be eco-friendly? We
understand people's inhibitions about unsustainable brand
practices. Luna Beachwear brings you eco-friendly beachwear.
Our focus is on producing and selling sustainable beach clothing

  • About our material

    We source our material ethically, and all of our swimwear is
    manufactured using recycled material. Our transparent supply
    network brings luxury Brazilian swimwear to all the beautiful
    women who want to look chic and contribute positively to the
    environment. So get that tan and bask under the Brazilian sun


  • Our Fabric quality

    Luna beachwear provides you with high-quality fabric that has 4x the compression and 5x the strength of regular swimwear.

  • Sustainability

    Our fabric is made from recycled materials, and is shipped to you in recyclable & reusable packaging.

  • Fair pricing

    From our warehouse, straight to your doorstep, which means you get best quality in most affordable way.

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