Get to know us and our motive!

why luna?

Is Luna beachwear ethical?

Yes, All of our poducts are ethically made in order to preserve environment, save ocean and rescue animals. We understand people's inhibitions about unsustainable brand
practices. Luna Beachwear brings you eco-friendly beachwear.
Our focus is on producing and selling sustainable beach clothing

Who runs Luna beachwear?

Luna Beachwear is owned by California based, Highly envisioned lady named "Marcella Savedra". Marcella's goal is to provide you with best eco-friendly, high-end beachwear. She loves dogs and named the brand after her poodle.

What is sustainable swimwear and why should I buy it?

- Sustainable swimwear, unlike regular swimwear, is made using low-impact materials by people paid fair wages in safe conditions. It’s often crafted from recycled fibres, employing circular or zero waste processes and many sustainable swimwear brands work hard to give back to charities and local communities.

- Luna Beachwear works directly with animal shelter in order to protect animals and planet. By shopping for sustainable swimwear you not only contribute to circular design processes, you also directly protect the people making your clothes. 

Where do we ship?

We only ship within USA incuding Hawaii and Puerto Rico.



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